Key Articles Not Here

Many articles in the popular and professional press have explained the issues associated with RBRVS, and the relationship between the RUC and CMS. It would have been inappropriate to directly re-publish them on this site, so we have provided links. Reading these pieces, along with the materials we’ve provided below, will be quick and time well spent. As additional valuable resources come to our attention, we will add to this list.

Please take a look at:

Rep. Jim McDermott MD, New England Journal of MedicineHarnessing Our Opportunity to Make Primary Care Sustainable, 364.5, February 3, 2011. (Subscription required).

Uwe Reinhardt, New York TimesThe Little-Known Decision-Makers for Medicare Physician Fees, December 10, 2010.

Anna Wilde Mathews and Tom McGinty, Wall Street Journal, Physician Panel Prescribes the Fees Paid by Medicare, October 26, 2010. (Subscription required).

Nancy Fowler Larson, Significant Discrepancies in Physician Hourly Wages Exist Across SpecialtiesMedscape Today, October 25, 2010.

Wilder et al., Income Disparities Shape Medical Student Specialty Choice, Robert Graham Center, Sept 2010.

Barbara S. Levy, MD (RUC Chair), AMA/Specialty Society RVS Update Committee (RUC), American Medical Association, March 5, 2010.

Merritt-Hawkins, Who Will Save Primary Care? (Powerpoint Presentation) 2010.

Darshak Sanghavi, The Fix Is In: The hidden public-private cartel that sets health care prices, Slate, September 2, 2009.

The RBRVS and the AMA Specialty Society RVS Update Committee (RUC) Process, AMA House of Delegates, 2008. (31 slide PowerPoint presentation designed to familiarize members with the basics of the process.)

John D. Goodson, MD, Unintended Consequences of Resource-Based Relative Value Scale ReimbursementJAMA, 11/21/2007.

Stephanie Maxwell, Ph.D., Stephen Zuckerman, Ph.D., and Robert A. Berenson, M.D., Use of Physicians’ Services Under Medicare’s Resource-Based PaymentsNew England Journal of Medicine, 356:1853-1861, May 3, 2007.

Thomas Bodenheimer, MD, The Widening Primary Care-Specialty Income Gap, University of California San Francisco, April 2006.


6 responses to “Key Articles Not Here

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  4. B. Yoshi Laing

    Drs Fischer and Klepper,

    Thank you so much for your work on this. This is a critical effort in primary care policy. I’m a family physician and just started the Robert Wood Johnson Clinical Scholars fellowship at UCLA. I hope to be an active participant in this effort.

    A small suggestion if I may – instead of “Key Articles Note Here” how about “Links to Key Articles” – the original title is a little confusing.

    Best of Luck,
    B. Yoshi Laing, MD

  5. Michael Eliastam

    This effort seems to have illustrious participants or at least fellow travelers (in the good sense), meaning a lot of respectable academics are involved. I would be interested in comments from Don Berwick who now knows the inner workings of CMS.

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